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Canberra is an amazing place to live

As the Nation's Capital, we're lucky to be at the heart of Australian culture. Nestled in a valley and surrounded by national parks, Canberrans have access to beautiful environments, as well as great job opportunities, a thriving business sector and some of the best schools in the country. Read on to find out more about what makes Canberra a fantastic home!



Getting around Canberra is made easier with our bus and light rail services

You can find out how to purchase a MyWay card, as well as find out what local routes service your area, and how to plot a route to where you need to go on the Transport Canberra website. 
There are services available to help you navigate the public transport system, as well as support you to gain an ACT Drivers License - just head to the Settlement Services page through the menu above.


Canberra has fantastic places to eat and drink throughout the city

Whether you're looking for a fancy meal out, or somewhere casual to enjoy with friends and family, Canberra has numerous hubs of cafes, restaurants and shops for you to enjoy. Head to the Visit Canberra website to find out more about what's available near you.


As the nation's capital, Canberra houses some of the best attractions in the country

With national galleries and institutions, and amazing nature surrounding the city, there is loads to see and do in Canberra. There is truly something for everyone, and lots of ways to learn more about your new home. Find out more through the Visit Canberra website by clicking below.


It's important to connect with the community when you move somewhere new

Canberra has a wonderfully diverse community, with people from all corners of the world calling our city home. To help you find connections to other people in our community, you can link in with Multicultural Hub Canberra. We'll be able to link you with groups, activities and services that can help you settle in.

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